Chronic Disease

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Evidence-Based Interventions: Replicate or Adapt?

Are We There Yet? A Look at the National Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard

Many aspects of health care access, delivery, and cost have improved as a result of concerted measurement efforts. That’s the point . . . to really show improvement, we must know a starting point and then measure change over time.

Innovations in Caregiver Support During Hospice

Taking a look at three research projects aimed at developing something that may improve end of life care for both the patient and the family.

Where To For Hospice?

While hospice provides a good model of care for the cancer patients it was originally designed to serve, it does not deliver efficiently or comprehensively what the majority of us will need.

Hospitals and “Post-Hospital” Care

The core of health care now is the support of persons living with chronic conditions. Building a care system that can meet this new need requires more than tinkering with some bandages.