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The Biggest Health Disparity of All: Control (Part 1)

CLASS Act Gone, But Costs of Aging Remain

We are aging and aging is expensive. America needs a system for aging well that works.

Evidence-Based Interventions: Replicate or Adapt?

Carefully done research on small numbers in a few settings will not be enough to guide practical implementation of process redesign.

Health Care Law Subsidies: A Tale of Two Cities

When families gather in 2014, PPACA’s fairness will be questioned around many a dinner table. In that year, members of Congress from high cost-of-living areas are likely to hear quite a few of those questions from displeased...

Are We There Yet? A Look at the National Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard

Many aspects of health care access, delivery, and cost have improved as a result of concerted measurement efforts. That’s the point . . . to really show improvement, we must know a starting point and then measure change over time.