Robert F. Graboyes

Robert F. Graboyes
Senior Fellow for Health and Economics, National Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation

Robert F. Graboyes, Ph.D., is Senior Fellow for Health and Economics at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Research Foundation. Bob also teaches health economics in master’s and doctoral programs at Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Virginia, and George Mason University. Previously, as Chase Manhattan Bank’s economist for sub-Saharan Africa, he traveled extensively in Africa and Europe. He was an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Twice, he visited Central Asia to teach health economics to public health officials in the Republic of Kazakhstan. For two years, Bob chaired the Health Economics Roundtable for the National Association for Business Economics. He has a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University, master’s degrees from the College of William and Mary, Columbia University, and Virginia Commonwealth University, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.

Robert F. Graboyes's Posts

Health Care Law Subsidies: A Tale of Two Cities

When families gather in 2014, PPACA’s fairness will be questioned around many a dinner table. In that year, members of Congress from high cost-of-living areas are likely to hear quite a few of those questions from displeased...

PPACA and the Jobless Recovery

Job creation anemia did not begin with the 2010 health care law. But if small-business owners are correct, PPACA could prolong a situation that, in August 2011, is dire.

The HIT Hit: (PPACA’s Health Insurance Tax)

The 2010 health care law hits small business with a barrage of inequities. Among the most egregious is the health insurance tax (HIT) that will bludgeon small business.

Essential Health Benefits: The Secretary’s Joystick

There's a potential for small-business health insurance premiums to rocket skyward and face permanent administrative uncertainty. At the same time, the brunt appears largely to bypass big business, unions, and governments.