Joanne Kenen

Joanne Kenen
Health Policy Forum Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer Joanne Kenen writes monthly news features for the Health Policy Forum discussing health policy innovation, “what works” in our health care system, and the politics of health policy and reform. Kenen is a journaist and long-time health policy writer, having covered health issues on Capitol Hill for Reuters, was a Kaiser Family Foundation Media Fellow, and most recently served as senior writer for health policy at the New America Foundation.

Ms. Kenen has covered everything from voodoo festivals to U.S. presidential campaigns in her lengthy career. As a freelance writer with an eclectic reach, she has contributed both policy and consumer-oriented articles to numerous newspapers, Web sites, and magazines, including The Atlantic Monthly, Washingtonian, The Washington Post,, AARP, American Prospect, CURE, and Parenting.

As a Kaiser Family Foundation Media Fellow in 2006–07, Ms. Kenen wrote extensively about palliative medicine, the evolution of hospice care, and changes in medical education. A graduate of Radcliffe College at Harvard University, she also reported from Central America earlier in her career and was the recipient of an Inter-American Press Association fellowship to write about the development of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Joanne Kenen's Posts

Finding the Sweet Spot Where Geriatrics, Palliative Care, and System Integration Intersect

Dealing with the hard stuff – the very sick, the complex, the dying – is the essence of quality health care in an aging society.

The Politics of Prevention

If there’s one thing everyone in Washington can agree on it’s that prevention is good. And that’s about as far as the agreement goes.

Innovations in Caregiver Support During Hospice

Taking a look at three research projects aimed at developing something that may improve end of life care for both the patient and the family.

Health Reform – Many Americans Don’t Know What It Means

Polls have shown that the public remains divided about health reform – and remarkably ill-informed about it.